Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Free Taster class?

Wednesday 29th July 8.30pm at Crayford Weights & Fitness

NO BOOKING IS REQUIRED, just come along and bring a £10 deposit on the night if you wish to secure your place on our Beginners course!

When is the next Complete Beginners course starting?

Wednesday 5th August at Crayford Weights & Fitness. The Beginners course starts the week after the free taster class and is £70 for the 5 weeks.

What should I wear?

You can wear leggings, T-shirt and bare feet for the first few weeks. Comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict your movement. Do not use hand cream or lotion on the day of the lesson as this will affect your grip.


How old do you have to be to sign up?

So now you are really interested in the art of pole fitness, thats great! But now you are thinking you may not be old enough! Well dont worry if you are under 16 you can still come to our classes, all we ask is that you get your parents consent first.

Am I too big or small to participate in your classes?

It's sad to say but we get asked this question a lot and the answer is NO of course not!!! After all it is a fitness class and we want to help you reach your goals no matter what size you are. Do not worry we make you feel completely at ease with it all!

Where do classes take place?

* Crayford Weights & Fitness
* Gravesend, Private lessons

How many people will be in each class?

We try our best to never have more than 2 girls per pole in any of our classes. Although at our free taster there is always a huge turnout! Don't let this put you off as it is first come first served with a £10 deposit as to who gets the places.

What poles do you use?

We use 50mm Original X-poles that are safely fixed to the ceiling and the floor. We do not use any freestanding stages as we want you to feel safe and secure in our classes.

Our poles are also spinning poles. Learning tricks on a spinning pole is also great fun!

Do you provide private one -2- one lessons?

Yes, and we can teach up to 3 ladies in a private lessons.
(See our prices page for details)

Other relevant information

You will need to be up for a challenge as pole dancing is a great workout and can be quite tricky! This activity is not recommended for women with back problems, if you have had a recent injury or operation, or if you are pregnant. New mums must have had their 6 week check before booking a class. You should consult with your GP before commencing with any form of exercise. No qualifications or experience are needed for this activity.


Our Studio:

Crayford Weights & Fitness