About Me


Hello and welcome to my website.

Hi, I'm Claire Linsdell. I am 31 years old and have been teaching pole fitness for just over 13 years purely for fitness reasons. I have owned my pole school for almost 7 years now.

I attended dance classes as a child such as ballet, tap and modern. I also done gymnastics which I loved! Pole dancing and gymnastics are very similar, this is why I love pole fitness so much. It's just like gymnastics but on a pole!

My passion for the pole began when I went for lessons at a dance school. At this point I realised pole fitness was meant for me! So I then bought myself a pole to practice my moves at home to perfection. At first I started teaching a few friends at home, and then started teaching their friends, so I thought to myself, this is what I should be doing! A job I love! A year later Claire's Pole Fitness was created! Now I teach my own pole fitness classes, private lessons, pole dancing parties and much more!

I have also entered competitions against some of the best pole dancers in the country including Sally-Ann Giles and Annie Norris and came 4th in the professional category, I have done many nightclub performances, promotional evenings, shows, charity events, birthday party performances, car shows and wedding performances and im still adding more to my list as time goes by! One thing I never did was work in a strip club. If you wish to see exactly what  have done over the years have a look at my News and Performances page!

I just love to share my passion for pole with newcomers, I get great satisfaction seeing my ladies reach goals they never knew we're possible!

I have also been a judge at The Essex Pole Competition 2011 for Pole 2 Pole magazine. And this year myself and my assistant instructor Gemma went to Cyprus to watch the Gala Pole Show in Limassol where we met the and trained with some of the best pole athletes in the world! 

Here are some of the pole champions instructors that I have trained with:

* Felix Cane
* Jess Norris
* Bad Azz
* Tracey Simmonds
* Bendy Kate
* Daniel Rosen
* Alethea Austin
* Yvette Austin
* Rachel Stroud
* Steven Retchless



Claire's Pole Fitness has also been publicly voted  TOP UK POLE SCHOOL, this makes so me proud! Thank you to everyone who voted we couldn't have done it without your support!